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Urban planners' traffic calming technique? | News

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Urban planners' traffic calming technique?
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Urban planners' traffic calming technique?

From: http://www.downtownkalamazoo.org/

Look at what stopped traffic dead in its tracks.
No, this photo has NOT been photo-shopped or otherwise altered: That's REALLY Michigan Avenue (M-43), an MDOT trunk line that is five lanes of traffic wide, used by over 20,000 daily vehicles whose average speed is 35 mph (when the posted limit is followed.)
And YES, those are real ducks crossing in the middle of the day. AT the crosswalk.
We shared this photo on the Downtown Kalamazoo Facebook page and got nearly 700 likes, 280 shares and tons of comments - that's "viral" volume based on our regular stats! Wow. Who would have thunk it? A photo of ducks crossing a crazy busy street stirring the interest of many and inspiring them to engage and share with others - over 15,000 "others" actually laid eyes on it. That's pretty powerful.
But this isn't about Facebook or traffic calming. It's not even about the ducks, speculating upon which one is John Lennon or debating whether they're heading to Bronson Park or Circuit Court. This is about the power of our observations and experiences, and our INDIVIDUAL opportunities (on line or in real life) to share with others about the success and growth of downtown Kalamazoo. There is great "viral" potential in every conversation we have with others to engage, influence attitudes, and ultimately, change behaviors of our friends and families to discover what downtown has to offer.
What does it take for you to engage and share with others about downtown Kalamazoo? Hey - if it's a family of ducks crossing Michigan Ave - that's great - here you go! What ever it is, keep the conversation going. Talk. Text. Sign language. Share photos. Get your friends to LOOK CLOSER. It DOES make a difference.
See you on the sidewalks!

News, Transportation