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Life Cycle of Kalamazoo to carry Zero Electric Motorcycles | Business

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Life Cycle of Kalamazoo to carry Zero Electric Motorcycles
Life Cycle of Kalamazoo to carry Zero Electric Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycle technology, has appointed Life Cycle as the exclusive motorcycle dealership in Kalamazoo, Mich., to carry Zero’s 2012 product line. The 2012 model line features a revolutionary new powertrain that allows models to exceed 100 miles range on a single charge and reach top speeds of up to 88 mph. Life Cycle will now be able to offer local demo rides on a regularly scheduled basis and interested buyers can purchase a Zero Motorcycle onsite at their dealership location in Kalamazoo.

“Life Cycle is a well-respected motorcycle dealer in Michigan and we are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them. With our recent strides in electric motorcycle technology, the people of Kalamazoo can now purchase a fun, efficient, high-performance electric motorcycle for less than a comparable gas model,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of Global Sales, Zero Motorcycles. “It benefits everyone in Kalamazoo, from motorcycle enthusiasts to future generations who will depend less on petroleum and more on building a cleaner environment for all.”

With Zero’s new Z-Force power pack, brushless motor and regenerative braking, the 2012 Zero Motorcycles product line is a great alternative choice to its gas-powered counterpart. With less than $.01 per mile to operate, Zero Motorcycles offers owners a true motorcycle experience while saving on costly gas and virtually all routine powertrain maintenance.

Zero Motorcycles invites interested motorcyclists to become acquainted with the 2012 product line at Life Cycle located at 3103 Lake St. in Kalamazoo, Mich. For more information, visit Life Cycle or call the dealership directly at 269-388-5590.